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Vibration Monitoring

Taylor Condition Monitoring use Vibration Monitoring to monitor the health of rotational equipment. This involves the trending and analysis of certain machine performance parameters to detect and identify developing problems such as:

  • Imbalance
  • Miss-alignment
  • Bearing Faults
  • Gear Tooth Mesh
  • Under/Over Lubrication
  • Before failure occurs

How Vibration Monitoring works?

  • Vibration measurements are taken on specific machine locations using piezo-electric transducers (Accelerometers) and stored in a Data Collector
  • Vibration Data is uploaded to Vibration Analysis Software and Analysed
  • A vibration Report outlining Findings and Recommendations is prepared

Benefits to you from Vibration Monitoring

  • Determine machine health status
  • Predict failure mode
  • No surprise downtime
  • No unexpected failures
  • No secondary damage
  • Planned Maintenance programme
  • Vibration Analysis
Once vibration monitoring detects a problem with a piece of machinery, Taylor Condition Monitoring will pinpoint specific machinery problems by revealing their unique vibration characteristics. These vibration characteristics are then broken down into individual vibration frequencies, which can be matched to known defect frequencies that a range of different problems normally appear at. These frequencies will largely depend on the type of machine, speed and the type of bearings installed. With hundreds of specific operational and mechanical problems that can cause a machine to exhibit excessive vibration, knowing the frequency of vibration is paramount. The forces that cause vibration are usually generated through the rotating motion of the machine's parts, and because these forces change in direction or amplitude according to the rotational speed of the machine components, it follows that most vibration problems will have frequencies that are directly related to rotational speeds. Some of these problems have their own unique characteristics in the vibration spectrum, while other problems have similar characteristics.

It is only through training, skill and experience, and a thorough knowledge and understanding of how the machine internals work, that the vibration technologist learns how to decipher and interpret the vibration signatures of individual machines and machinery problems.


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For further information on Taylor Condition Monitoring’s Vibration Monitoring Service contact Liam Taylor via email: [email protected] or tel: 087 9971908

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