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Condition Monitoring

As part of an overall Asset Management Strategy, Condition Monitoring is the process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery, such that a significant change is indicative of a developing failure. It is a major component of predictive maintenance and allows maintenance to be scheduled or other actions to be taken to avoid the consequences of a failure, before the failure occurs.

The 4 most common technologies used in most Condition Monitoring Programs are:

Condition Monitoring (CM) is used to indicate a deviation from a reference value (e.g. temperature or vibration behavior) to identify impending failure.

Condition Monitoring is more cost effective than a run to failure maintenance policy as it reduces/minimises direct maintenance costs from the following:

  • Upstream and down equipment damageCondition Monitoring | Vibration Analysis | Ultrasonic Monitoring Services | Infrared Thermography | Thermal Imaging | Oil Analysis
  • Allows for more cost effective planned maintenance
  • Reduces the need for call-in or working unscheduled O/T on breakdowns
  • Minimises the need to hold excessive amounts of spare parts
  • Saves energy, waste, lost production e.g
    • Undetected misalignment condition of motors coupled to drives through V/A using excessive energy
    • IR Thermography Surveys can indicate loss of temperature e.g. through poor insulation/refractory on boilers
    • IR Thermography can highlight energy or production losses through detection of line restriction
    • Oil Sample Analysis can reduce the need for unnecessary oil changes and costly environmental disposal of waste oil.

It reduces/eliminates indirect costs from lost production due to unscheduled downtime from an in-service failure.

Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring is one of the most useful Condition Monitoring techniques available to maintenance technicians as early identification of problems such as Imbalance, Bearing Faults, Misalignment and Gear Tooth Mesh problems are critical factors in ensuring and extending the working life of machinery.

Taylor Condition Monitoring use Vibration Monitoring to monitor the health of rotational equipment. This involves the trending and analysis of certain machinery performance parameters to detect and identify developing problems before failure occurs, causing extensive damage. The detection and diagnosis of faults before they become a problem is obviously the most desirable way to maintain machinery. An effective condition-monitoring programme will help to detect faults at an early stage such as when rolling element bearing defects are still minor and do not affect the performance of the machine. This allows time to analyse the problem while the machine stays online and production continues normally. This advance warning allows planning of the repair at a convenient time.

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