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Periodic Electrical Inspections

We provide a full in-depth electrical and environmental analysis of the current condition of your Electrical Installations in accordance with the ECTI Safe Electrical requirements and in tandem with the 2007 workplace safety act for the mandatory requirement of employers to ensure the safety of there employees within the workplace.

The full ECTI Periodic Inspection Certificate is completed only by trained and competent experienced and Qualified Electricians.

Our hand over report-accredited by Irish insurances- is an Electrical Analysis of testing for periodic inspections along with the ECTI Periodic Testing Certificate with a RECI test report of the testing of the buildings electrical integrity inclusive of earthing systems,fault loop impedance, rcd testing and meggering of conductors up to 1000v at point of testing to check for conditions of existing wiring and its distribution systems.

A full breakdown along with any remedial works required can be costed and carried out on request with each inspection directly with Tailor Monitoring ltd only by our highly skilled and qualified electrical personnel. 

With several years experience in Industrial, Commercial, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Domestic for insurance requirements or peace of mind that the Electrical Integrity is intact within its legal requirements and safety of end users and employees we can ensure that our product will serve your requirements as requested.

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For further information on Taylor Condition Monitoring’s Periodic Electrical Inspections Service contact Liam Taylor via email: [email protected] or tel: 087 9971908

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