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Ultrasonic Leak Surveying

Ultrasound is a range of sound that is above human hearing capacity. Most people can hear frequencies from 20 Hz to 20kHz. Sound from 20 kHz to 100 KHz cannot be heard and is called “ultrasonic”.

The Ultraprobe 10,000 converts ultrasonic sound emissions to a range that is audible to the human ear. The instrument also filters out production noise and therefore allows us to detect faults in operating machinery.

Taylor Condition Monitoring offers the following Ultra Sonic Leak Testing service:

  • Inspection of all plant areas identified using the Ultraprobe 10,000
  • All leaks identified will be photographed, their location logged and each leak tagged for identification
  • A detailed report will be issued identifying each leak together with the wastage cost associated with each leak and a cumulative cost based on all leeks identified. This is an accurate monetary cost analysis whose calculation is based on actual rates applicable to your facility

Ultrasonic Leak Detection Benefits:

  • The completion of a service whose purpose is to improve energy conservation
  • A report which details photos and location of all items identified for repair
  • A calculation of the energy cost for each leak
  • € Value Cost Avoidance Calculation

Ultrasound Applications

  • Steam Traps
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Pressure / Vacuum Leaks
  • Motors / Gearboxes
  • Electric Arc / Corona / Tracking
  • Bearing / Valves


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For further information on Taylor Condition Monitoring’s Ultrasonic Leak Surveying Service contact Liam Taylor via email: [email protected] or tel: 087 9971908

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