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Condition Monitoring Audits


The purpose of a Condition Monitoring Audit is to assess the selected range of equipment, their operating characteristics and criticality and from this prepare a detailed efficient and effective Condition Monitoring proposal . Also recommend the most appropriate condition monitoring technique and monitoring frequency to be used in each instance.

What it Involves:

Condition Monitoring Audits involve a detailed on-site examination of the plant and proccesses concerned. Some components of the audit will necessitate brief informal discussions with relevant parties on site to help to establish equipment criticalities etc. As part of the Audit machine analysis will be carried out on all equipment focusing on cost effective CBM applications. Detail such as the most appropriate Condition Monitoring techniques, frequency and access points will be determined for all equipment. 


A completed Condition Monitoring Audit Report will detail:

  • The most appropriate Condition Monitoring technique for each piece of equipment,
  • Identify for each machine whether direct or remote access applies.
  • In the case of remote access, identify hardware required and proposed method of installation.
  • The appropriate frequency required to achieve the desired reliability levels.
  • Detailed Costing of the Condition Monitoring Programme including supply and fitting of remote sensors etc. if required.
  • Establish a procedure for continuously improving and adjusting the CBM Programme to match changes in site operations.

This is essential to ensure that the work being undertaken is effective i.e. Early detection of failures to allow for corrective action to be taken without impacting on normal ongoing operations.



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For further information on Taylor Condition Monitoring’s Condition Monitoring Audits Service contact Liam Taylor via email: [email protected] or tel: 087 9971908

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